Information on the introduction of a new data processing system at MROS

The Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland MROS is introducing a new system for submitting and processing suspicious activity reports. The new system will allow reporting through an online platform.

What will change with the new system and what are its advantages?

  • In the future, suspicious activity reports, their attachments and additional information will be uploaded and submitted online only.
  • Documents that must be submitted to MROS upon request may no longer be sent by fax or post but submitted via online platform.
  • Large volumes of data can be uploaded via an XML interface.

When will the new system be introduced?

The definite changeover to the new data processing system is expected for the 1.1.2019. MROS does not intend to operate the old and new system in parallel.

Is it possible to test the new system ahead of its introduction?

Starting 16th July 2018, a test version of the new data processing system will be available under the link displayed below.

In order to facilitate the introduction into the new system, you will also find a user manual under the below tab «Documents».

We kindly point out to refrain from entering any real customer data.

Will there be a transitional period for the electronic transmission of transactions via the new data processing system?

The portal to submit suspicious activity reports will be operational as planned on 1 January 2019. Financial intermediaries will have to submit reports exclusively via the new portal. Nevertheless, a transitional period of six months from 1st January to 30 June 2019 will be in place.

For those financial intermediaries who intend to implement the XML interface, the following procedure will be put in place during the transitional period:

  • If a report contains several transactions, at least one of them must be manually entered in the system in its entirety.
  • The remaining suspicious transactions that must also be transmitted to MROS, are to be submitted on an Excel spreadsheet which is to be attached to the electronic report. The Excel template to be used is available on this website under the below tab «Documents». Other formats, such as pdf, will not be accepted as a means of submitting transactions.
  • As planned, additional non-transactional attachments can be submitted in other formats, e.g. in pdf.

For further information, please refer to the documents and links below. 



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