Co-operation on fighting terrorism bears fruit

The 2015 Annual Report looks back at a year marked not only by terrorism, but also by evermore sophisticated cybercrime and a sharp increase in the number of reports on money laundering.

Against the backdrop of a global and complex world on the move, fedpol presents its annual report with terrorism ‒ an ever present topic throughout 2015 ‒ as its central theme. The fight against terrorism is reflected in the work of the TETRA Task Force, where co-operation between its partners, the Federal Intelligence Service and the Office of the Attorney General bore fruit: of the 70 terrorist-related cases dealt, 50 became the subject of criminal proceedings.

The internet and social media, as a means of propaganda, play a prominent role in terrorism. Combating cybercrime is one of fedpol’s priorities and poses a challenge to investigators who are faced with analysing a huge volume of increasingly important data. Similarly, the rising significance of the Web is reflected in the growing number of cybercrime-related reports made to fedpol, which totalled more than 11 000 in 2015.

With regard to the number of reports fedpol received concerning money laundering, bribery was the most frequently suspected predicate offence. The number of reports concerning the financing of terrorism was proportionately low.

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