The search for clues: The latest fedpol Annual Report is out

Last year once again proved that crime and the internet are inextricably linked. For example, there was the IS sympathiser whose social media contacts presented us with the challenge of Big Data, and the unfortunate man who fell in love with an online fraudster – to name but two of our cases.


Switzerland is no island

Last year fedpol accompanied the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, on his Tour de Suisse. We now invite you on a tour of fedpol. Passport at the ready?


Switzerland is no island

The leader of several criminal gangs specialising in extortion and armed robbery is on the move around Europe. The man goes about his ‘business affairs’, investing his ill-gotten gains. He also comes to Switzerland regularly…A European investigation team that includes fedpol monitors his comings and goings, patiently documenting his every move in order to foil his activities and dismantle the criminal gangs he heads.


Constructive dialogue on human trafficking

Talks at the 4th INTERPOL Global Conference on Human Trafficking in Lugano have strengthened ties between the various partners in fighting human trafficking.

Last modification 11.06.2020

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