The search for clues: The latest fedpol Annual Report is out

Last year once again proved that crime and the internet are inextricably linked. For example, there was the IS sympathiser whose social media contacts presented us with the challenge of Big Data, and the unfortunate man who fell in love with an online fraudster – to name but two of our cases.


That’s why fedpol and its partners rely on digital solutions. Like in the case involving a father who, thanks to the Schengen Information System, was stopped before he could take his children out of the country against their mother’s wishes. Or the drug dealer whose identity, in future, will be unmasked throughout Europe by mouse click.

Discover our complex cases – where an initial search for clues often becomes a paperchase. It is quickly evident that in our digital world criminals do not stop at territorial borders. To track them down, co-operation – between people and IT systems – is essential.

We wish you an interesting read.

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Annual Report fedpol 2018


Last modification 25.04.2019

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