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What is corruption?

Corruption is the term used to describe improper activities by persons in a position of trust in the public sector, in the judiciary, in political circles, in companies that operate at a national and/or an international level, or in non-profit organisations (such as associations or trusts) in order to gain an unjustifiable material or immaterial advantage.

In the public sector, for example, this could involve awarding public sector contracts and grants. Corruption can also take place between private individuals too, for example by giving bribes to a competitor’s employees.

Unjustifiable advantages include, in particular: privileges; invitations; gifts; money; or even new functions or positions within the public or private sector.

How can I announce a suspicion of corruption?

Since the summer 2015 fedpol has a web-based reporting platform in operation, with which people can submit directly an anonymously information on any criminal acts of corruption. The anonymity of the informant is guaranteed.

The Federal Criminal Police reviews each report for criminal relevance before forwarding it to the competent internal office or external agency (e.g. cantonal police) for follow-up action.

Information on irregularities in federal administrative units that do not appear to have a criminal background will be forwarded to the Federal Audit Office for follow-up action.

Video demonstration: Submitting a report
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Viedo demonstration: Editing your mailbox
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Scope of the reporting platform

The reporting platform is not for reporting emergencies, alerts, or cases of immediate danger. Such incidents should be reported directly to the police under the 117 emergency number.

Information on criminal acts not concerning corruption should be reported to the police.

To report the following areas of crime see the designated webpage:

Personnel-related issues (e.g. mobbing, etc.) should be reported to the office designated for that purpose of the Confederation (trust center for the federal staff), the cantons or communes.

Guarantee of the anonymity

To guarantee anonymity you should not include either in the report or in an electronic annex any information or background data such as personal information, your function or your relationship to others which may reveal your identity.
If you use your computer at work, your employer’s IT department can see that you have activated the platform. To avoid this, use an internet café or your computer at home.
Although the platform guarantees your anonymity, the standard code of conduct still applies, i.e. insults and threats as well as discriminating, racist or sexual remarks are not helpful in judging the objectivity of the report.

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