Requests for information on, and correction or deletion of entries in fedpol’s databases

Fedpol does not just operate one comprehensive police database but several application-specific information systems. These include:

  • RIPOL – Nationwide search system for national and international police alerts 
  • IPAS – Register of incoming messages and information (e.g. information exchange with INTER-POL, fingerprint data, etc.) 
  • HOOGAN – Register of people involved in violence at sporting events and measures imposed 
  • N-SIS – National Schengen Information System
  • JANUS – Information system of the Federal Criminal Police
  • GEWA – Data from the Money Laundering Reporting Office MROS

If you would like information on an entry in any of fedpol’s databases you must submit your request in writing. Please remember to include your postal address and a copy of a valid iden-tity document (passport, identity card, residence permit/identity document for foreign nation-als). Fedpol can only process your request if you submit valid proof of identity. You can send your request to:

Bundesamt für Polizei
Nussbaumstrasse 29
3003 Bern

To submit your request you can use the Federal Data Protection and Information Commis-sioner's (FDPIC) form letters

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