fedpol alongside Swiss fans at the UEFA Euro 2016

Picture: Laurent Gillieron ©Keystone

fedpol is sending an anti-hooligan delegation of experts to the 2016 European Football Championship in France. The delegation will be present at Switzerland’s matches in Lens, Paris and Lille, and at all other matches that may follow.

Several thousand Swiss fans are expected to attend the matches in France. fedpol, supported by the cantonal police, will serve as a bridge between the French authorities and Swiss fans by providing the French with a group of experts during the tournament.


Dossier , 24.06.2016

Human Trafficking

According to the internationally accepted definition, trafficking in persons is the recruitment, transportation, harbouring or receipt of persons for the purpose of exploitation, and is a punishable offence in Switzerland under Article 182 of the Swiss Criminal Code (SCC).

Dossier , 16.02.2016


Corruption is the term used to describe improper activities by persons in a position of trust in the public sector, in the judiciary, in political circles, in companies that operate at a national and/or an international level, or in non-profit organisations (such as associations or trusts) in order to gain an unjustifiable material or immaterial advantage.

Dossier , 16.02.2016

Money Laundering

The Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland (MROS) at the Federal Office of Police (fedpol) is Switzerland’s central money laundering office and functions as a relay and filtration point between financial intermediaries and the law enforcement agencies

Dossier , 25.05.2016


The Cybercrime Coordination Unit Switzerland (CYCO) is the central office where persons can report suspect internet subject matter.