The SIRENE Bureau Switzerland

"SIRENE" stands for “Supplementary Information REquest at the National Entry.” SIRENE Switzerland is part of the Operations Centre at the Federal Office of Police. It serves as a single point of contact for all authorities with access to the SIS database such as the cantonal police forces, the Border Guard Corps, the Federal Office of Justice, the State Secretariat for Migration, visa-issuing embassies and consulates abroad, cantonal migration offices and other authorities.

SIRENE Switzerland comprises police specialists assisted by temporary staff. The office co-ordinates and processes all incoming and outgoing SIS alerts. If the system scores a hit, the office is responsible for handling the whole case. Only SIRENE staff have direct access to SIS data and are authorised to enter, process and delete information in the database. The head of fedpol’s Operations Centre is also head of SIRENE Switzerland and represents Switzerland in the appropriate EU working groups in Brussels.

SIRENE’s tasks are established by law in the Schengen Implementation Agreement, the Swiss Criminal Code, the Federal Act on Federal Police Information Systems, and the Regulation on the National Schengen Information System and the SIRENE Bureau.

Last modification 27.02.2024

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