Example 5 – Shorter overstay

Entry Departure
01.09.2013     30.09.2013
21.02.2014     20.04.2014
01.05.2014     09.06.2014

In this example, the stay in September clearly no longer falls within the period of reference. In the case of doubt, the period of reference can be calculated in the manner described above.

The "Control" function is used to calculate the legal stay in the Schengen Area. Once both of the stays for February-April and May-June 2014 have been entered, click on "Calculate" to determine whether and for how long the person is legally permitted to remain within the Schengen Area:

A third-state national presents his travel document upon departure at the Basel Airport. This travel document has a 90-day “multiple entries” visa, as well as the following entry and exit stamps:

In this example, the person departing on 09 June 2014 has over-extended his stay by 9 days.

This person would like to know whether he may return to the Schengen Area on 30 August 2014, since he has an important meeting scheduled then.

In order to determine whether a person who has already over-extended his/her stay will be able to return to the Schengen Area on a given date:

1. Calculate the 180-day period of reference

2. Enter the dates of the previous stays,
     but only those up to and including the start of the 180-day period; in this case, 04 March 2014

  • Using the "Planning" option
  • Using the "Control" option

In this case, a return to the Schengen Area would be possible on 30 August 2014 and the person would be able to remain for a period of up to 50 days.

If all of the stays are entered into the calculator for a person with a previous "overstay", then the calculator will block both the "Planning" and "Control" options and will only show the duration of the "overstays". The user will no longer be able to calculate from when and for how long a person will be able to return to the Schengen Area. With the example above, the calculator will be blocked as follows:

In order to avoid this, use the method described above.

Short-stay calculator

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