EU Funds

The EU uses funds as instruments for promoting certain EU policies by providing financial support. As part of its association with Schengen, Switzerland participates in the Schengen Funds, which each have a term of seven years. The funds so far have pursued (with different weighting in some cases) the aims of achieving a high level of security in the EU, controlling illegal migration and facilitating legitimate tourist travel. Schengen States that incur high costs in protecting the Schengen external borders, because they have extensive maritime and/or land borders or heavily frequented air borders (due to major international airports) should be supported in a spirit of solidarity.

The funds are organised to correspond with the term of the EU’s multi-annual financial framework the EU (currently 2014-2020) and subject to shared management. The participating states have first say in how the monies allocated to them are used. They are also responsible for managing these monies appropriately. The objectives and priorities for the use of resources are laid down in operational programmes negotiated at national level between the European Commission and the participating states and officially approved by the Commission.

Last modification 23.04.2021

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