What to do in case of kidnapping?

Your child has not come home from school or been returned at the agreed time by a parent? You have a firm indication that a person has been kidnapped?

117   Report this immediately by calling the
police on 117 or at the nearest
police station.

This is how the kidnapping alert Switzerland works

If a cantonal police service decides to trigger an alert, fedpol diffuses the message through international police channels and in Switzerland with the help of various partner organisations.

Users of the Alertswiss app receive a corresponding message directly on their devices. The Alertswiss app is free of charge. You can download the app here:

International child abduction

When a child is taken or retained abroad by one of its parents or another person against the will of the other parent - for example following a vacation - various authorities are involved in the successful returning of the child. In Switzerland, these include the cantonal authorities, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs with consular protection and its local consulates, fedpol with its international police contacts and the Federal Office of Justice as the central federal authority in cases of international child abduction.  

Last modification 27.06.2024

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