Bilateral police co-operation agreements

The security situation in Switzerland is not only influenced by domestic, but also by international factors. To strengthen the fight against cross-border crime Switzerland has concluded co-operation agreements with institutions such as INTERPOL and Europol, and become an associated member of Schengen. In addition, it has signed bilateral agreements with five neighbouring countries and with several southern and southeastern European states. There are plans to extend this network of agreements to further states, especially to states from these two regions.

Bilateral agreements govern cross-border co-operation, enabling the formation of joint working groups and facilitating mutual support in training police officers. The agreements also serve as a clear legal basis for the exchange of information in accordance with data protection regulations. Furthermore, they contain provisions on the deployment of police attachés and the establishment of centres for police and customs co-operation between states adjoining Switzerland.

PCCC – Police and Customs Co-operation Centres in Geneva and Chiasso

The Police and Customs Co-operation Centre (PCCC) in Geneva and Chiasso facilitate cross-border police and customs co-operation with France and Italy. They foster the exchange of information, co-ordinate joint surveillance measures in border regions, and plan and assist cross-border operations.

The centres are staffed with police and customs officers from all three countries. Switzerland’s representatives include staff from the Federal Office of Police (fedpol), the Federal Customs Administration (Customs and Border Guard Corps) and the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).

The PCCCs’ tasks include:

  • responding to operational requests and providing advice 
  • co-ordinating police measures (surveillance, hot pursuit, controlled deliveries)
  • assisting urgent police measures
  • compiling analyses and situation reports
  • enforcing removal/readmission of illegal residents
  • providing training
  • helping to organise tri-national meetings

Last modification 06.08.2018

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