Dissemination and use (valorisation) of academic findings

Article 15 paragraphs 4 and 5 of the Federal Act on Compulsory Social Measures and Placements prior to 1981 (CSMPA) stipulates that the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) must ensure the dissemination and use (valorisation) of the results of the academic inquiry. The aim is to help ensure that this dark chapter in Swiss social history is not forgotten. The results of the inquiry should be made accessible in a suitable form to the public, and especially to younger generations.

The FOJ therefore plans to implement various information, communication and awareness-raising measures from 2023-2028. These include a web platform that will contain all the important information on the topic, a touring exhibition in selected cities around the country and teaching materials for schools or continuing education and training. The FOJ's valorisation measures are intended to complement already existing communication activities. In particular, they will also be coordinated with the National Research Programme NRP 76 "Welfare and Coercion", which runs until 2024.


From 2024 to 2028, the FOJ can also provide grants for third-party mediation projects on the theme of compulsory social measures and placements. These grants are intended to supplement existing mediation services as well as the ongoing and planned activities of the federal government and other stakeholders. More information on the grants can be found in the guidelines: (These documents are not available in Englisch)

Last modification 08.01.2024

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