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Hundreds of engineers and scientists trust in VNA Tools

The knowledge of  Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) measurement uncertainties is crucial to make statements about the conformity of devices and components. VNAs cover an increasing range of measurement applications in the high-frequency range. VNA Tools, as a leading metrology software, keeps up with this development – since over ten years.

VNA Tools at a glance

  • Evaluate S-parameter measurement uncertainties fast and comprehensive
  • Visualize and export your results in different formats
  • Experience an uncertainty budget created according to international guidelines
  • Explore the quality of your data in a systematic way
  • Make decisions based on reliable results
  • Rely on the 10+ years maturity of a professionally created, free software

VNA Tools calculates and visualizes VNA measurement uncertainties

VNA Tools is a reliable software with proper evaluation of measurement uncertainty in accordance with the guidance provided by the GUM documents and the EURAMET VNA calibration guide. It is ideally suited to support requirements posed by the normative standard ISO 17025

Key features:

  • Visualization of S-parameter data with uncertainties.
  • Comprehensive definition and characterization of all influences that affect VNA measurements.
  • Measurement models for N-port Vector Network Analyzers.
  • Use of efficient linear uncertainty propagation module of METAS UncLib to propagate all uncertainties through the VNA measurement model
  • Supported calibration types: One Port, SOLT, GSOLT, QSOLT, Unknown Thru, TRL, LRRM, Juroshek, Reflection Normalization, Transmission Normalization, One Path Two Ports, LHKM, LHKM_TRL_LRL, LHKM_TRM_LRM and Optimization.

VNA Data Explorer visualizes VNA measurements

VNA Data Explorer is a reduced standalone version of VNA Tools. It supports visualization and export of S-parameter data in multiple formats and post-processing with measurement uncertainties. It is well suited to visualize and process electronic S-parameter data in calibration certificates.

Uncertainty Library (UncLib)

VNA Tools is built on METAS UncLib. UncLib is a free measurement uncertainty calculator for the propagation of measurement uncertainties. It can be used in wide range of metrological fields and is not limited to S-parameter measurements.


Simplify integration with the Real Time Interface (RTI)

In addition to the free software VNA Tools, METAS has recently extended the software with a new licensable tool: The Real Time Interface (RTI). It simplifies the implementation of VNA Tools into an existing software environment. Commercial solutions using VNA Tools RTI have become available. Further information can be obtained from

Become an expert by visiting a VNA Tools training course

A constantly growing number of the VNA community is using VNA Tools. We are proud to give our knowledge to the next generation of high frequency experts. The three day course provides a practical and hands-on lesson with this integral and versatile software.

VNA Tools - Tutorial

Further Information

  • VNA User forum

    Get in contact with experts and stay tuned about the latest VNA Tools updates.

  • VNA metrology forum

    Get in contact with experts and stay tuned about recent developments in VNA metrology.

The end user license of the software allows free use of the software whereas redistribution in any form is prohibited. Registration is required to download VNA Tools. Registered users will be notified of upgrades, bug fixes and new developments.

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