Selected Applications

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ORBIS is a system for reviewing visa applications and issuing visas for the Schengen zone and Switzerland. For purposes of visa issuance, biometric data is collected (photo; for Schengen visas also 10 fingerprints). ORBIS has approximately 7,500 users from among the staff of migration offices, Swiss representations abroad and airport police units.

Infostar is used by about 1,300 registry office officials to process data on births, deaths and marriages.

ISA (Information System Identity Documents) collects all data pertaining to Swiss passports and identity cards and provides the relevant information to those agencies responsible for issuing the documents. ISA is accessible to several hundred users from the federal authorities, cantonal passport offices and Swiss diplomatic offices.

RIPOL (Automated Police Search) is one of the main information systems which all police agencies use. RIPOL holds data on unsolved crimes and searches for wanted or missing persons and objects. Over 29,000 users, mostly from the Swiss police corps and Border Guard Corps, have access to this system.

VOSTRA is a fully automated criminal records system containing data on criminal convictions and on-going criminal investigations. Extracts from criminal records are provided online by the judicial authorities and the Federal Office of Justice. Around 2,300 users process data in the VOSTRA system ordering extracts from these criminal records.

ZEMIS (Central System of Migration) has replaced ZAR-3 (Central Aliens Register) and AUPER2 (Automated Person Registration System). ZEMIS registers the personal details of all foreign nationals, asylum seekers and refugees in Switzerland and information regarding entries made into, or departures from, Switzerland. More than 30,000 federal, cantonal and community’s staff as well as staff from employment offices have access to ZEMIS.

Last modification 18.01.2024

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