Directorate Resources

The Directorate for Resources, headed by Deputy Director Eva Wildi-Cortés, is fedpol’s competence centre for all matters concerning human resources, finance, infrastructure and organisation structure.

The Resources Staff Office gathers, edits and provides information relevant to affairs concerning the fedpol Directorate and Resources Directorate, including reports and documentation on individual operations. It also prepares decision-making relevant data for the head of the Resources Directorate. One of its main tasks is staff development. The Resources Staff Office also manages the contracts for translators and interpreters, and deals with administrative matters in connection with internal language courses.

The Human Resources Section advises managers and staff on personnel and legal matters. It also develops and prepares the necessary foundation for making decisions on personnel issues and provides specialised input. In addition, this section is the contact point for the GS-FDJP’s Human Resources Centre of Expertise and issues specific instructions regarding personnel administration. It is further in charge of implementing the personnel strategy of the Federal Administration and advises the fedpol Directorate and managers on strategic personnel planning.

The Finance, Procurement and Controlling Section deals with financial planning, budgeting, and financial controlling and reporting. It monitors fedpol’s budget according to the specifications of the Federal Department of Justice and Police, the Federal Finance Administration and the Federal Audit Office. The section further advises the Directorate on resources and financial matters relevant to resources and strategy. It also provides support to line managers with regard to matters of financial relevance. In addition, it is in charge of procurement and procurement controlling. It is also the co-ordination unit for contract management at federal level.

The Organisational Development Section is in charge of developing fedpol’s strategy and guidelines, including their implementation in various management instruments and in line management. The section is also responsible for process, risk and quality management, and provides methodological support to the directorate in complex strategic projects.

The Psychological Support Service provides advice and support to staff in difficult situations relating to their work. The service can also be consulted by any member of staff to help find solutions to, or to advise on how to proceed in situations of conflict, to help prepare discussions or to provide information on psychology-related topics. The service also has an Equal Opportunities Officer, who deals with matters concerning gender equality and equal opportunities for people with disabilities and people from the different national language groups.

The Central Services Section comprises offices for security, technical facilities, logistics and a postal service.

The Security Office is responsible for the security management of people and buildings. It is also in charge of strategic accommodation and property management, building and construction expertise, occupational health and safety, and emergency procedures.

The Technology Office is responsible for the infrastructure of the building and its technical facilities. It operates the access and locking systems at the various fedpol locations, and issues federal and police identity documents to fedpol staff.

The Logistics Office is in charge of all fedpol’s logistics, including office material, office planning and removals, and all matters concerning telephone facilities, office equipment and printed material.

The Post Office is in charge of fedpol post and operates the reception desk at Nussbaumstrasse 29. It is also in charge of service vehicles.

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