Directorate International Police Co-operation


The Directorate for International Police Co-operation (IPC) is one of six directorates at fedpol. It performs security tasks and ancillary police duties.

Operations Centre The Operations Centre (OC fedpol), available 24/7, is the main contact for national and international partner agencies, and Single Point of Contact for INTERPOL, Europol and Schengen-related correspondence. Its SIRENE office is national contact point for all alerts via the Schengen Information System. In emergencies, it initiates operative measures related to cross-border surveillance or other police operations, and receives alerts from the Special Task Force on Hostage-taking and Blackmail (SOGE) and from other federal agencies.

The OC’s Crisis Management Unit is fedpol’s central office for managing police-related major incidents with an international aspect that are not related to hostage-taking or blackmail. The unit is also responsible for fedpol’s in-house emergency plan, in co-operation with the other directorates.

The OC is also Switzerland’s central office for the national child abduction alert. In the event of a child abduction, the centre receives a corresponding alert from the appropriate cantonal police force and transmits it to various broadcasting partners throughout the country. At the same time, the OC activates an in-house call centre to gather any abduction-relevant information from the public.

Operative police co-operation
The IPC Directorate handles the operative aspects of international co-operation. It receives incoming reports and forwards them to the appropriate federal or cantonal law enforcement agency, or deals with the matter itself. It also handles cross-border inquiries concerning the identification of people and traces from fingerprints, DNA and other means. The division is further responsible for the deployment of Swiss police attachés abroad to safeguard the interests of Swiss law enforcement agencies in the host state.

The IPC Directorate is in charge of the police and customs co-operation centres in Geneva and Chiasso, which facilitate co-operation with France and Italy in police and customs matters. It is also responsible for co-operation with Europol and for the operative implementation of international police agreements. Cross-border co-operation on traffic offences (registration of vehicle owner data, enforcement of traffic fines, etc.) is another of the directorate’s tasks.

Strategic police co-operation The IPC Directorate deals with strategic aspects of international police co-operation such as: co-operation with INTERPOL; bilateral co-operation; multilateral co-operation in connection with international organisations (such as the UNO, Council of Europe, Railpol); police co-operation with the EU in general and in connection with Schengen in particular. The directorate also represents Switzerland in the Middle European Police Academy.

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