Directorate Federal Security Service


The Federal Security Service (FSS) is a directorate of fedpol and is headed by Michael Kläy. It performs security tasks relating to the protection of people and building security, and comprises five divisions:

International Visitor Protection and Conference Security This division is responsible for the security of visitors to Switzerland who are afforded protection under international law (e.g. heads of state and government, ministers, royalty). The measures are prescribed by the FSS and carried out by the competent police corps.

Federal Dignitary Protection and Foreign Missions Security In collaboration with the cantonal authorities, this division is responsible for the protection of federal dignitaries (members of government, members of parliament, civil servants). It is also in charge of security measures for international institutions and organisations, as well as for foreign missions in Switzerland.

Aviation Security The Aviation Security Division is responsible for the recruitment, training and deployment of security officers on board Swiss air carriers in international commercial aviation and on the ground at certain airports outside of Switzerland.

Management and Analysis The Management and Analysis Division supports the FSS head in legal, administrative and strategic matters. It provides the FSS head and the individual divisions with information on the security situation regarding their area of competence and hence with the basis for adopting appropriate security measures.

Building Security Together with the cantonal authorities, the Building Security Division is responsible for the security of federal buildings, devising the technical, structural and organisational security strategy for federal civilian buildings, the private residences of federal councillors, the homes of federal officials deemed to be at risk and Swiss diplomatic missions abroad (embassies and consulates). It is in charge of the security in Switzerland of buildings afforded protection under international law, it operates the Federal Interrogation Centre, it provides security for the parliamentary buildings and controls access hereto.


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