Directorate Federal Criminal Police


The Federal Criminal Police (FCP) is one of six directorates at fedpol. It performs criminal police tasks.

Criminal investigations The FCP conducts preliminary and criminal investigations into all offences under federal jurisdiction. Hence, it is responsible for prosecuting the most serious forms of transnational crime such organised crime and economic crime. It also investigates cases of suspected terrorist activity and terrorist financing, offences relating to state security or espionage, criminal acts in connection with federal elections, and violations of legislation on war materials, nuclear energy, dual-use goods control and aviation. Moreover, it investigates cases of malpractice in office, bribery and the corruption of officials, as well as cases involving genocide or counterfeit currency. The FCP also executes international requests for mutual assistance in cases under federal jurisdiction.

Co-ordination of intercantonal and international investigations The FCP co-ordinates intercantonal and international investigations, manages the criminal police central offices and ensures the exchange of police information with the cantons, foreign law enforcement agencies, INTERPOL and Europol on cases involving organised crime, human trafficking and smuggling, paedophile crime, illegal pornography, cybercrime, drug trafficking, trafficking in cultural artefacts and counterfeit currency.

Cybercrime The FCP’s efforts to combat cybercrime focus on paedophile crime and illegal pornography. To this end, it operates the Cybercrime Coordination Unit Switzerland (CYCO), which is co-financed by the cantons who define through a management committee which types of cybercrime should be targeted. CYCO has three main tasks:

  • Monitoring (searching the internet to identify illegal content; processing incoming reports from the public concerning suspected illegal content); 
  • Clearing (legal assessment of incoming reports as to criminal relevance; co-ordination with pending proceedings; forwarding complaints to the appropriate prosecution authority in Switzerland and abroad); 
  • Analysis (nationwide analysis of internet crime, multi-case description of the methods and means used to commit crime; statistics and trends). 

Analysis Within the FCP is fedpol’s Analysis and Reporting Centre, which conducts cross-case analyses on organised and economic crime, terrorism and terrorist financing, and specific themes relating to general crime. It compiles reports on criminal operation methods and criminal-group profiles, and provides key recommendations to its investigative units through operative crime analysis. To provide specific assistance with investigations, the FCP has a range of specialist staff and units such as surveillance forces, IT investigators, undercover investigators, fugitive investigators and its own special task force.

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