The CODIS DNA database

Forensic DNA profiles are stored and processed in CODIS, the central DNA profile database (Combined DNA Index System). Operating standards are governed by the law. Only the DNA laboratory and the DNA Single Point of Co-ordination that operates the database have any knowledge about the DNA profile. Profiles are only compiled if they meet the legal and quality requirements. A communications platform developed specifically for the purpose of the analysis guarantees secure data transfer.

The protection of the right of privacy is of foremost concern. In forensic DNA analysis, only non-coding DNA, also known as the antisense strand, is used. The CODIS DNA database is physically and administratively separate from the database containing personal and case data. Data is linked only if a database inquiry has resulted in a hit. Furthermore, the law provides for data to be deleted and samples destroyed once the reason for the data storage is no longer valid.

At the end of 2019, CODIS contained 193 494 personal profiles and 90 696 crime scene samples.

Last modification 21.04.2020

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