HOOGAN database

The HOOGAN database contains information on people who have engaged in violence at sporting events either in Switzerland or abroad and who are subject to one of the measures imposed by the authorities.

Personal data may only be stored in the system if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The measure is imposed or confirmed by a judicial authority; 
  • The measure is imposed as a result of a criminal act that was reported to the competent authority; 
  • The measure is necessary to ensure the safety of people or the security of the sporting event, and is justified.

Fedpol is responsible for operating and further developing the database. The system may be used by the competent fedpol units, the cantonal police and the Swiss Border Guard.

Statutory provisions and policies (not available in English)

  • Article 24a of the Federal Act on Measures to Safeguard Internal Security ISA
  • Ordinance on Administrative Measures by the Federal Office of Police and on the HOOGAN Database
  • HOOGAN Data Processing Regulation 
  • Guideline on the Use and Processing of HOOGAN Data by Organizers of Sporting Events and their Security Officers 
  • Guideline on the Electronic Transmission of HOOGAN Data to Organizers of Sporting Events for Use in Admission Checks by Comparing Identity Documents (HOOGAN+)

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