Information, correction and deletion of SIS data

As is the case with other information systems, you have the right to know whether you are registered in the SIS database. If you would like to know whether your name is in the database, or you would like to have the data corrected or deleted, you may submit an application for information, correction or deletion.

In order to process applications, the Federal Office of Police requires the following:

  • a written request 
  • a copy of your passport or identity card 

You should send these documents to the following address:

Bundesamt für Polizei fedpol
Nussbaumstrasse 29
3003 Bern

Information may only be given in writing.

Once you have submitted an application to fedpol to obtain information, you have the right to a reply within 30 days (or 60 days by way of exception) from the time you submitted your request. If we can comply with your request, you will receive information on all data regarding your person that is held and processed in the SIS database. Information cannot be disclosed if the authorities responsible for making the entry have an overriding security interest, or if disclosing information would risk compromising criminal proceedings or other investigative procedures.

If you submit a properly completed application for the correction or deletion of data, you have a right to a reply within three months on the measures taken.

In addition, anyone may submit an application for the lawful operation of the SIS database to be inspected. The appropriate application must be submitted to the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner at the following address.

Eidgenössischer Datenschutz- und
Feldeggweg 1
3003 Bern


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