Reporting illegal pornography

The form below may only be used to report unlawful pornography to fedpol. To report other types of crime, or if you are a victim of cybercrime (e.g. phishing, sextortion), please contact your local cantonal law enforcement authorities, where you will be able to file a criminal complaint.

Unlawful pornography is the depiction of sexual activities with children or animals, or involving the use of violence.

The specialists at fedpol require your information in writing in order to deal with your case quickly. The cantonal criminal prosecuting authorities will be informed where appropriate.

Here is what you should do:

  • Submit in full all website addresses (URL) and email addresses you have, involving the incident you wish to report, whether it involves an illegal or a suspicious internet content.
  • Note the date and time when you came across the suspicious content.

Last modification 09.06.2020

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