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Ransomware Day, 19.05.2016

The majority of investigations conducted by fedpol concerns online crime. Combating cybercrime is therefore one of fedpol’s priorities.

Cybercrime has many faces and knows no borders. From Facebook pages that promote Islamic State, to malware that lodges itself into computers, to online shopping whose buyers never receive the goods. In a society where internet is ever-present through smartphones, e-mails and apps, criminals are never far behind.  

fedpol is the point of contact where the public can report criminal behaviour on the internet. After an initial analysis of the report and securing the data, fedpol forwards the case for follow-up action to the appropriate law enforcement service in Switzerland or abroad. fedpol also compiles assessments on internet crime and is the main point of contact for international authorities.  

In the fight against cybercrime, fedpol can rely on a host of reliable partners, including the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance MELANI. On 19 May 2016, MELANI organised an awareness-raising day on the dangers of online blackmail through Ransomware.

MELANI is responsible for crime prevention. It informs private computer and internet users, and small and medium-sized businesses on the dangers of modern information and communication technologies. fedpol is responsible for law enforcement and intervenes when a crime has already been committed.

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