Switzerland is no island

Last year fedpol accompanied the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, on his Tour de Suisse. We now invite you on a tour of fedpol. Passport at the ready?

We begin in Bern, where fedpol is setting up a competence centre for cybercrime, and the Money Laundering Reporting Office is processing a huge number of cases. Further stopovers include a reception centre in Muttenz and a location near the French border, where the members of a terrorist cell have been arrested. On the way we will also meet a duty officer, and the head of the A&E department at the University Hospital in Bern.

In a world where borders are being increasingly undermined, the emphasis is on co-operation. In other words; Switzerland is no island.

We hope you enjoy reading our latest annual report.

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Annual Report fedpol 2017. (Illustration: Christoph Frei)


Last modification 30.04.2018

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