Dual strategy for countering forced prostitution at UEFA EURO 2008

Berne. The police and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) will adopt a dual strategy for countering forced prostitution at UEFA European 2008 Championships. While the police relies on controlling, NGOs support prevention and awareness programs. The police authorities and NGOs both follow recommendations given by the Swiss Coordination Unit against the Trafficking of Persons and Smuggling of Migrants (SCOTT). These recommendations have been elaborated based on the evaluation and analysis of the experiences made at the World Soccer Championship 2006 in Germany. The Swiss government is willing to contribute 100,000 Swiss francs to start up NGO campaigns.

The Project Organization Swiss Authorities UEFA EURO 2008 charged SCOTT with evaluating the findings regarding the World Soccer Championship 2006 in Germany. Analysis showed that - contrary to feared expectations - trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation (forced prostitution) did not increase during the championships. In the run-up to the games, an estimated 40,000 women from abroad were believed to be forced into prostitution at the championships in Germany. In fact, there were as few as five officially registered cases of human trafficking that could be linked directly to the championships. What is more, there was no increase in legal prostitution either. German authorities and SCOTT are unanimous in judging that policing as well as information and awareness campaigns were essential in avoiding this feared increase in prostitution.

Isolated incidents of forced prostitution before and during UEFA European 2008 Championships cannot be completely ruled out. SCOTT therefore considers it sensi-ble to stage prevention campaigns during the entire event, suggesting that NGOs plan such campaigns in consultation with UEFA EURO 2008 officials. The Project Organization Swiss Authorities UEFA EURO 2008 together with SCOTT will examine draft campaigns. The Project Organization has been allocated 100,000 Swiss francs in start-up funds.

A report (in German) on "Forced Prostitution and Human Trafficking at UEFA EURO 2008 and Recommendations on the Launching of Public Prevention Campaigns Before and During EURO 2008" is available online at


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