“Club de Berne” meeting in Switzerland

The Heads of EU Member States' security and intelligence services, plus Norway and Switzerland, meet on a regular basis to discuss intelligence and security matters. This group is known as the Club of Berne. It held its most recent meeting on 21 April in Switzerland to discuss implementation of the objectives of the European Council Declaration on Combatting Terrorism following the attacks in Madrid in March.

The meeting concluded that the Counter Terrorist Group (CTG), created by the Club of Berne, should act as the interface between the EU and the Heads of Member States' security and intelligence services on terrorist matters. The CTG will therefore play a full role in implementing the relevant sections of the European Council Declaration on Combatting Terrorism.

The CTG was formed in September 2001. Since then it has provided threat assessments to key EU policymakers. Those assessments are based on information provided by member services having access to all relevant intelligence. CTG also provides a forum for experts to develop practical collaboration and an understanding of the terrorist threat.

From 1 may 2004, the security and intelligence services of the 10 Accession States will join the CTG as full members.

Last modification 28.04.2004

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