Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland (MROS)

money laundering

The Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland (MROS) at the Federal Office of Police (fedpol) is Switzerland’s central money laundering office and functions as a relay and filtration point between financial intermediaries and the law enforcement agencies. According to the Money Laundering Act MROS is responsible for receiving and analysing suspicious activity reports in connection with money laundering and, if necessary, forwarding them to the law enforcement agencies.

MROS is also a specialised body that publishes annual statistics on developments in the fight against money laundering, organised crime and terrorist financing in Switzerland, and identifies typologies that are useful for training the financial intermediaries. MROS is organised as a section within the Federal Office of Police; it is not a police authority in itself, but rather an administrative unit with special tasks.

The Reporting Office is a member of the Egmont Group, which is an international association of “Financial Intelligence Units (FIU)“ whose objective is to foster a safe, prompt and legally admissible exchange of information in order to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.