Main Division Services


The Services main division is headed by Thomas Kräuchi and performs administrative and supportive duties.

Identification of People and Traces The AFIS/DNA Services is the national competence and service centre for the biometric identification of persons and traces. Identification is carried out using the Automated Fingerprint Identification System database (for fingerprint and palm identification) and the DNA profile database CODIS.

Swiss Passport and Identitiy Card The Services main division is the competent federal office for the Swiss passport and identity card, and is the service interface between the manufacturers of the documents, the issuing authorities (cantons and Swiss diplomatic missions abroad) and the public. It is further responsible for developing new documents such as the e-passport containing biometric data. Also, it operates the identity documents information system (ISA database) and provides the public with information.

Identity and Legitimation Documents The Services main division maintains an identity document reference collection database containing information on identity and legitimation documents from countries around the world. Also, it co-ordinates inquiries on identity documents and registers cases of identity document misuse. The Coordination Unit for Identity and Legitimation Documents (KILA) issues the police, Border Guard Corps and other authorised agencies in Switzerland and abroad with the certificates required to verify the data contained in the new electronic identity documents.

Missing Persons
The Services main division conducts investigations on behalf of private persons, official agencies and national/international organisations on the whereabouts of missing persons in Switzerland and abroad, provided the missing person is not wanted by the police.

Arms and Explosives
The Services main division is the supervisory body for the enforcement of arms and explosives legislation. It monitors the import and manufacture of explosives and pyrotechnical objects, and the import of weapons and ammunition into Switzerland. It also issues certificates for the export of weapons and provides advice to agencies, authorities, representatives from industry and private persons.

Violence at Sporting Events
The Services main division assists in fighting violence at sporting events by operating the HOOGAN database, by functioning as National Football Information Point (NFIP) and by acting as Single Point of Contact at international sporting events involving Switzerland.

Police Information Systems
The Services main division is responsible for the main IT needs of the Federal Office of Police. It plans, develops and operates the national police databases RIPOL, JANUS, IPAS and ORMA, and manages IT projects. It is also responsible for operating and developing the Schengen Information System interface, for co-ordinating automatic data exchange with international partner agencies and for co-ordinating technical matters between the EU and Switzerland’s national partners. Also, the Services division plans and manages the processing of police information, and optimises in-house data processing.