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Travel facilities for school pupils

Schoolchildren resident in Switzerland
Schoolchildren from third countries whose travel documents and/or residence permits do not entitle them to enter a member state of the EU or EFTA without a visa can nevertheless travel without a visa if a separate list of the schoolchildren is presented in the context of school excursions. For travel to Great Britain, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus, those responsible for the schoolchildren should enquire with the respective embassies whether the country in question recognises the school list issued by Switzerland.

The list is only valid for schoolchildren under 18. They are required to travel as a member of a group and need to be accompanied by at least one teacher.

The names of the schoolchildren who are holders of a residence permit type N, F or S can also be added to such a list. If a schoolchild does not hold a valid travel document, the list is accepted in lieu of a travel document, provided it contains a photo of that child.

The list and further information can be obtained from the competent cantonal immigration authorities:
Cantonal immigration authorities Cantonal immigration authorities

Schoolchildren resident in an EU or EFTA member state
Schoolchildren from third countries resident in an EU or EFTA member state may enter Switzerland without a visa if a separate list with the names of the schoolchildren, issued by the competent authorities of the respective EU or EFTA member state, can be presented.

The list of schoolchildren is recognised as a valid travel document by Switzerland if it contains a passport photo of the schoolchild in question.



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