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Travel insurance

The competent authorities require persons visiting Switzerland to have travel insurance that covers the costs of emergency rescue, repatriation for medical reasons, or emergency medical assistance, as well as emergency hospital care in case of accident or sudden illness during the stay. The minimum insurance coverage is set at EUR 30,000.

Travel insurance must be taken out with an insurance company that

  1. is headquartered , or has branch offices, in Switzerland, in the Principality of Liechtenstein, or in an EU or EFTA state;
  2. is authorised to issue travel insurance policies by the supervisory body competent for its head offices.

Please visit the FINMA website (www.finma.ch www.finma.ch) for a list of insurance companies offering recognised travel medical insurance (go to category "Institutions > Authorised institutions", the document "Insurance companies under FINMA supervision" can be found under the title "Insurers"). Insurance companies listed in categories B1, B2 and/or B18 are authorised to offer travel medical insurance.

For questions about this list or whether the insurance companies listed offer travel medical insurance, please refer directly to FINMA.

In addition, visa applicants are advised to inquire with the Swiss representation abroad (where a visa request is submitted) about the type of insurance they accept and, therefore, recommend.



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